About India

About India

India is undoubtedly the most diverse nation in the world. Renowned for its rich cultural attractions and natural beauty, this land of one billion people with a variety in languages, cultures, ethnic groups, beliefs and lifestyles makes her stand apart from the rest. It is a land of credible paradoxes and yet underlying the contrasts, there are patterns of continuity, an indefinable essence that is quintessentially Indian. Much of India’s fascination perhaps lies in the fact that it is both a young nation and an ancient country rolled into one where past and present co-exist in a beautiful mosaic.

For a first time visitor, India can be overwhelming at first, but she gradually unfolds her rare delights. You may find it in the centuries old temples, tombs and forts, in the exquisite crafts still made in traditional ways, in the riot of colours and aromas of its bazaars or in the sudden glimpses of its serene beauty that filters through the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Visa Regulations To Visit India

  • All foreign nationals, including children, require a visa to enter India. The only exceptions are nationals of Nepal and Bhutan who can enter India without a visa.
  • Foreigners coming from or through yellow fever countries must have a valid vaccination certificate.
  • Visitors coming to India can apply for the following type of entry visa:
    • - Tourist Visa
    • - Business Visa
    • - Conference Visa
  • All information for India visa formalities can be access at the Govt. Of India official website: www.indianvisaonline.gov.in

Visa on Arrival

  • Currently citizens of Burma, Cambodia, Finland, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Phillipines, Singapore, Republic of Korea, Vietnam.
  • Govt. Of India has in February 2014 decided to implement the Visa of Arrival facility to 180 countries of the world. This process is scheduled to be implemented by October 2014.
  • The only exceptions to Visa of Arrival facility would would be Pakistan, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Somalia.