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India's capital and a major gateway to the country, contemporary Delhi is a bustling metropolis, which successfully combines in its folds - the ancient with the modern. One of the most historic capitals in the world, Delhi is a treasure trove that reveals the ultimate combination of tradition and trends. A tour of Delhi will provide the visitor with much to see and admire from Mughal monuments to modern malls, from traditional arts and crafts to trendy fashion shows, from skyscrapers to parks and gardens.

Delhi consists of Old Delhi, the capital of the Mughals centred at the Red Fort; and New Delhi, known for its British imperial buildings and wide avenues. Delhi is in fact really two distinct cities - the energy and colour and the thronged bazaars and Mughal architecture of Old Delhi, contrast with the formal splendour of New Delhi, whose wide boulevards offer ever-changing perspectives of Lutyen's landscaped city. The division between New and Old Delhi is the distinction between the capitals of the British and the Mughals respectively. The walled Old city retains its past traditions and one can get a glimpse of a past life with its many facets, colours and spells. New Delhi, in contrast, is a city trying to live up to the best of twenty-first century standards. The charm of New Delhi lies in the variety and vibrancy in its pace of life. Amidst the tall and modern skyscrapers the remnants of a bygone time in the form of its many monuments stand as silent reminders to the region's ancient legacy.

Quick Facts

Area 1483 sq km
Population 12,791,458 (2001)
Altitude 216 m
Languages Hindi, English, Punjabi
Religion Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam
Best time to visit October - March
STD Code +91 - (0)11


Delhi features a typical version of the humid subtropical climate.

Summers are long and extremely hot, from early April to mid-October, with the monsoon season in between. Mild winter starts in late November and peaks in January and is notorious for its heavy fog.

The best season to visit Delhi is During the spring seasons of February to April and August to November. The bloom season of February and March make Delhi colorful. This time of the year brings greenery on the face of Delhi

Delhi Airport

The New Delhi airport i.e. Indira Gandhi International Airport was completed in year 2010. The new airport is of world class standard and has been awarded on of the best airports in the world

Salient Features of the airport are:
  • - Integrated International & Domestic Terminal
  • - 34 million passengers per annum capacity
  • - Capacity to handle 12800 baggage's per hour.
  • - 95 Immigration counters for smooth and hassle free passenger movement

Inernational Connectivity

  • The New Delhi International Airport (Terminal 3) has direct flight connectivity to all the major airports of Asia, Europe, North America, Africa and Australia
  • There are daily multiple flight options to / from the major airport hubs of the world namely New York, London, Munich, Singapore, Dubai etc.
  • All major airlines of the world operate flights to India / Delhi
  • The integrated domestic airport offers direct flight connectivity to all the major cities of India with multiple direct and daily flights.
  • There is also a separate domestic airport (Terminal 1D) in the vicinity of the international airport which operates all the budget airlines to all the major and smaller cities of India
  • The airport facilities in India have improved drastically in the recent years and are currently in comparison to global standards.

Flight connectivity chart to the important cities

City Flight To Delhi
(Yes / No)
London Yes Direct
Paris Yes Direct
Zurich Yes Direct
Frankfurt Yes Direct
Munich Yes Direct
Los Angeles Yes Via New York / Newark / and other major hubs
San Francisco Yes Via London / Dubai / and other major hubs
Chicago Yes Direct
New York Yes Direct
San Paolo Yes Yes via Dubai
Hong Kong Yes Direct
Taiwan Yes Via Shanghai
Beijing Yes Direct
Seattle Yes Via New York/Newark/ and other major hubs
Vancouver Yes Via Amsterdam / Hong Kong

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Local Attractions In Delhi